Qumran Taj 2018
the road to self-realization

They Call Me "Q"

Don't let that beaming smile fool you. My story is long and painful. The last six decades of my life have been miraculous. Why, you ask? Because it's a miracle I'm not dead or writing this from a prison cell! The truth is I was profoundly dysfunctional and unhappy. I had to find ways to completely remodel myself and my life from the ground up. There were so many things that needed fixing inside and outside of me!

These days my smile comes from a place of strength and pride. Nature wants us to do more than just survive. We were meant to THRIVE. Now it brings me great joy to help others find a path to a happier, more fulfilling life- a more authentic life. Happily, life taught me lessons that I pass on to whomever will listen. Lessons like these: 

  • Face & defeat deep FEARS
  • Get relief from crushing GUILT
  • Find great inner STRENGTH
  • CREATE true self-esteem
  • Learn to LOVE yourself
  • Be GRATEFUL for every day

It would be a lie to say personal growth is easy. The truth is, it can be a real challenge but it pays BIG rewards! Even small improvements, made consistently over time, can transform your life in all kinds of wonderful ways!  

Some fast facts

A mini biography

Qumran Taj, or "Q" for short, is a professional psychic, life coach, writer, teacher, mentor, public speaker, artist, musician, and proud father of children and grandchildren. He has helped thousands of people to live a happier, more fulfilling life. He has been the subject of TV, radio, newspaper, magazine and film interviews. He served as a Christian minister and lecturer for some years as a younger man and later explored other parts of the spiritual spectrum. For a time he was a Wiccan High Priest in a Nature-based group. Q is the author of "Tarot Cards: A Reader's Workbook" and "Keys of Power: From Tears to Triumph" (available on Amazon) in addition to short poems. He is the creator of numerous classes, courses and seminars on developing your own natural abilities in practical and spiritual ways. Q has been quoted by or had his articles published in respected publications such as New York Magazine, Newsday, Creations Magazine, Long Island Press, The Village Connection, and others. See the "published" link on this site.

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